Are you tired of the traditional & ordinary? Would you like your property to exhibit boldness, uniqueness, and cutting edge design? Add beauty and value to your property – with more affordable and durable solutions for concrete than most property upgrades! At The Concrete Artisans, our combination of innovative thinking and raw creativity brings an entirely new aesthetic appeal to your surroundings.

We know our customers have many choices for their concrete ready mix and supply needs. Our mission is to continually satisfy their highest expectations for quality, service and integrity, to earn their trust and keep them coming back. It's a mission fulfilled through years of customer interaction and a commitment we proudly renew each day when we open our doors for business.

Come see a full showcase of our own personal amazing epoxy floors, metallic floors, polished floors, urethane cement, concrete countertops and concrete sinks at these three restaurants. There is also concrete furniture in these restaurants that we designed and built:

The Bar J Chili Parlor
125 Mill Street
Occoquan, VA 22125

The Grind N Crepe
301 Commerce Street
Occoquan, VA 22125

Third Base Pizza
202 Commerce Street
Occoquan, VA 22125

The Concrete Artisans team has over 20 years experience

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We proudly use:

Pro Rez
Dura Flex
Miracoat micro toppings

Concrete Countertops:
Davis color

We have a division for commercial and residential framing, drywall and painting.

Hearth 700x110